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Wedding preparations

The Summer has slipped by, and Autumn has begun to shroud us in its damp leafy mantle.  I briefly left the boat to attend a conference in Norway, whilst Martin stayed at home. There isn’t much more that we can do with the boat now that the weather is turning colder, so we have now turned our thoughts to our impending wedding in December. We are getting married in the local church, and are going to our local hotel afterwards for the reception. The first bonus is that the hotel is just a few minutes boat ride downstream from where we live, and the second bonus is that they have a mooring at the bottom of the garden.

The hotel owners are happy for us to moor the boat there the night before the wedding and for it to stay there until the morning after, so we decided that it might be nice to decorate her, as well as the reception venue.

The plan is to have a white ribbon at the bow (as you would on a wedding car), and to dress her with flags and a large string of lights that run from the bow, all the way up the mast, and back towards the last part of the top deck at the stern end. However, the normal Christmas style LED string lights were not going to be big enough to make them look significant, but after some research on the internet, we have found some bulb lights with a soft white light that are just perfect.

The soft white lights work well, and give us a flood lit area on the bank too

Knowing that we will be away from work for the best part of a month in December, we are both busy making sure that work is done or covered whilst we are away. Other than that most of our evenings are spent making plans or creating decorations for the wedding. Thankfully we still have Lark Rise, so most of our celebratory items are being stored on her. Now that we have tested the lights, we have taken them down and packed them away ready for the big day. We are both getting excited now!

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