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Münich: Mediaeval Christmas Market

View from the top of St Peter’s church tower

Last year during our honeymoon we visited some of the Christmas markets in Europe. We found some lovely gifts for our family and items that look very at home on our Dutch barge. This year, we took a four-day trip to visit the Christmas markets in Münich. This blog is about our trip with a focus on visiting the mediaeval Christmas market in Münich.

Getting There

There are quite a few markets to visit, so before booking, we looked at the official Münich Christmas Markets web page for more information. This proved invaluable as there were far more than we realised, and we didn’t get to see them all. Booking a place to stay was fairly easy we use It is an easy site to use, and you can book your flights and your accommodation at the same time, or you can book just the accommodation if you prefer to book the flight separately.

We flew with British Airways from London Heathrow Airport to Münich. From Münich airport there is an S-Bhan train service to the city centre. The S1 or S8 train will take you there. However, the S8 is a more direct service that will get you to the centre in about 30 minutes. We stayed at Hotel Torbräu, which is just four minutes walk from Marienplatz where the main Christmas market is held. It is also conveniently located about 2 minutes walk from the Isator S-Bhan train station. The mediaeval Christmas market in Münich is about 10 minutes walk from the Marienplatz hotel.

The Mediaeval Market

Of all the Christmas markets the mediaeval Christmas market in Münich was our favourite. Although much smaller than the market in Marienplatz, it had a wonderful mediaeval atmosphere. With stalls built in the mediaeval style.


Beautiful stall selling ink pens and quills. This was our favourite looking stall at the market
There was plenty to see at the market. These stall were selling leather and ceramic goods

There was plenty to see at the mediaeval Christmas market in Münich even though it was small, and you could also get food and the obligatory Glühwein of course. However, our favourite tipple at this market was the Fire Punch, a blend of non-alcoholic punch and copious amounts of dark rum poured over a sugar lump. The sugar was then lit with a match, and hey presto! a flame then hovered over the punch while the sugar sizzled and caramelised. A word of warning though, you don’t want to drink more than one if you want to get around the rest of the market!

Another interesting aspect of the market is that all the food and drink is served in earthenware bowls or goblets. A nice touch and you could buy the goblets. We didn’t eat there, so we don’t know whether the bowls were also for sale.

Our goblets Fire Punch. The small lip on the edge is where they place the sugar lump and rum.

Food and Drink

As with most of the markets, when you buy your drink you pay a deposit on the cup/goblet. You can either take it back and get your deposit back, or you can keep it. There are many styles to collect if you feel so inclined. We did not keep the goblets, but we did decide we would have thes frosted glühwein mugs.


Other things to see

There were too many markets for us to get through, as we were only there for three days, and besides, we did want to have a look at a few other things in Münich whilst we were there. We found The Residenz well worth a visit, and we thought was reasonably priced at 7.00 euros per adult for the Residenz museum and treasury (December 2018 prices).

The beautifully painted ceiling in the main hall at The Resizenz

we wanted to experience food other than that in the markets. We had dinner at Schneider Bräuhaus as it was recommended to us by a friend. It is just a few minutes walk up the street called Tal from the Hotel Torbräu. It has a typical German menu and a great variety of dishes to choose from. We particularly enjoyed the fact that it has large tables. You don’t book a table you just go in and sit where ever there is a space. This makes for a very friendly atmosphere and you soon get to know new people over dinner.

We only had a short time to visit Münich and there is so much more to see that we can write about here. But our primary goal was to visit the Christmas markets in Marienplatz, so we can at least say that we did a lot more than that. We have found Münich to be a very friendly place that was easy to get around on foot to all the places that we wanted to go. We would highly recommend it as a city to visit in the Winter if you want a short Christmas market break that has a variety of other things to do alongside.

Book early

This post might be a bit late, but one thing we did do was book our flights and particularly our accommodation early. We would advise you to do this if you would like a centrally located hotel. We booked the Hotel Torbräu in August, and even then there were only a few rooms left, so perhaps this post is timely if you are already thinking of jetting off to the Christmas markets for 2019.

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