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Static self catering narrowboat accommodation

narrowboat in Lechlade Marina. Lark Rise III offers self catering accommodation in Lechlade-on-Thames
Lark Rise III offers self catering accommodation in Lechlade-on-Thames

If you have ever fancied staying on a boat, but don’t don’t know anything about boating then static self catering narrowboat accommodation might just be for you. You get all the boating feel without the hassle of learning to drive it around the UK waterways.

Holidays versus accommodation only

Being on a narrowboat is a wonderful experience. It is peaceful and tranquil in the watery world of the riverside. It is a chance to get away from many of the pressures of modern life and relax in the countryside. Lark Rise III is a 50ft narrowboat offering this style of accommodation in Lechlade-on-Thames.

However, most traditional canal boat holidays require you drive yourself around. You will get very little instruction before you are out on your own. To top it all, temporary moorings can get very busy at popular places along the rivers and canals in the height of summer.

Learning to steer a boat and negotiate locks in a 50ft metal box are not everyone’s cup of tea. Even if you think you might like a narrowboat holiday, a few nights ‘accommodation only’ to begin with might help you decide whether you would like to go for the full blown experience later on.

Therefore, the concept of being on a narrowboat but not having to drive it anywhere on a static self catering narrowboat break can have its appeal. Also, a narrowboat moored year round in a convenient spot can be an ideal base that is more quirky than staying in a hotel.

Static Narrowboat Accommodation on Lark Rise III

Narrowboats lend themselves very well as self catering accommodation. Although they are fairly small (6’10” wide), you have everything you need much like a studio apartment. But they are full of character many sporting canal art painted on the boat or on items inside.

Lark Rise III also has a wood burning stove making her suitable for a break all year round. She also has a shower room and a fully equipped galley (kitchen). With one double berth she is ideal for couples wanting to explore the counties of Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.

We will be adding a brochure to the site soon. In the meantime, you can find out more about staying on Lark Rise III by contacting us at

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