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I sit beside the fire and think: installing a stove

The water tank successfully installed, we turned our attention to heating. It was the end of September and noticeably chillier in the mornings. When we purchased the boat, we used the already installed diesel heating system. It was the type that blows hot air through vents that were situated at floor level along the sides of the cabin. It was very ineffective, and we realised soon after we bought her that it wouldn’t be good enough to cope with living permanently onboard in a British Winter.

We opted to install a 7KW multifuel Stovax stove at the Stern end of the living area. The dry heat from a stove would help keep the boat dry, and we had an endless supply of wood as Martin is a gardener. Martin, having installed a stove before was able to take this task on himself. It took two weekends to complete the job. He cut the hole for the chimney on the first weekend. We discovered at that point that there was some insulation in the ceiling, this was a bonus as we were unsure that there was any at all. After completing the hole for the chimney, the wooden wall at the back needed to be protected by a cover of thick fireboard, and some tiles. The next weekend we manoeuvred the stove into place.

A hole was cut through the ceiling to fit the chimney

We stood it on a piece of dark granite kitchen worktop that Martin had been given for free sometime before. It was ideal to put the stove on, being strong, and smooth, so easy to Clean. Once in place, the rest of the tiles could be added to the ceiling, and then we were ready for some heat.

The stove in place and ready to be lit

It is quite hot on full whack, and one small issue is that it gets very hot in the living area, less hot in the galley, and no heat to speak of in the bedroom, so at present we are also using a small oil fired radiator to heat the bedroom.

The stove lit for the first time

When we bought the stove we did decide to get one the could have a back boiler if needed to serve one or two radiators, but held off buying the boiler and radiators until we had lived with it for a bit. We are OK with the stove the way it is, but we might consider getting radiators at a later date, once more pressing things have been completed. For now we are warm, and with water and heat life has got just that little bit easier.


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