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Re-painting a narrowboat: coachlines

in this blog on how to re-paint a narrowboat we will describe how to paint the coachlines and the top coats of paint on our narrowboat. This is the second stage of the procedure. You can find out more about how to paint the undercoat from our previous blog here

The first thing we need to do to when narrowboat painting is to paint in the coachlines. There are two ways that you can paint the coachlines. You can place two lines of masking tape along the side of the boat. Once in place, you then paint the line between the two pieces of tape. This can be tricky, as you need to make sure that the lines are the same distance from the edges of the boat. You also need to make sure they are an equal distance from each other all the way along the boat.

The second way and the method we chose to do it is to roughly paint the line first, as shown in the pictures below. Make sure you paint two coats and then leave to dry. This is a particularly good method if you are re-painting lines that were there previously, as you can often still see where they were even after the undercoat. For our narrowboat we are using Jotun paint

Paint a rough line first.
Make sure you apply two coats and leave to dry thoroughly

Make sure you apply two coats when narrowbaot painting. Once thoroughly dry you then apply masking tape along the painted line.

Masking tape applied to the cream paint that will form the coastline

Next, you need to add the other colours to the boat. In our case, we have used burgundy and navy blue. We painted the burgundy first, as this way you can still steady yourself by catching hold of the top whilst making your way along the gunwales.

straight after applying the burgundy paint, we applied the blue paint. This meant that they would have the same drying time.

Once the paint is touch dry and still a little tacky, peel off the masking tape. Don’t wait until the paint is completely dry. If you peel the tape when the paint is dry there is more likelihood of the paint being peeled off with it.

The result should be clean coachlines on your boat. We are very happy with the result of ours. So that’s narrowboat painting Crafty Boaters style.

narrowboat painted
Paintwork completed on the narrowboat


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