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Sunflower Art Stone


Painted stones are a wonderful way to display art on a small scale. This Sunflower Art Stone is ideally suited to a small shelf or table top, and would make an ideal gift for flower lovers.

This Sunflower Art Stone has been hand cast and painted using acrylic paint. The image of the Sunflower is set against a green background. It has a shaded rim of yellow and green and a gold rim around the image. The base of the stone is dark green. It is coated in resin for a durable finish, and has a 100% wool felt base to protect your furniture. A truly unique eye catching piece that will look beautiful on a mantlepiece, shelf, coffee table or use it as a paper weight.

Art stones make ideal pieces of art for small spaces. They do not bring the added cost of framing and they don’t require holes in the wall to display them!

Construction – Casting plaster, acrylic paint and resin coating

Base 100% wool felt


Height 2cm

Diameter 7cm

Weight 98g

This stone (excluding the felt base) can be wiped down with a damp cloth

We recommend that this item is used indoors and placed on a surface that does not get hot.

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