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  • Art stone painted white with holly and berries design on the surface and gold coloured dotted rim side viewArt stone painted white with holly and berries design on the surface and gold coloured dotted rim base view

    Hand painted holly art stone decoration. This art stone has been painted using acrylic paints and has a white subtly sparkly background. The holly and berries design are matte. The stone as a small dotted rim around the edge in a gold colour. The stone has 100% wool felt on the bottom to protect your furniture, and the stone has been given a coat of resin for durability. Lovely item for a Christmas table or combine with other art stones to create a Christmas design for a coffee table, window sill or shelf.

    Size: diameter 9cm height 2cm

    materials: casting plaster, resin, acrylic paint, 100% wool felt.

  • Christmas Dish side viewChristmas dish close up of christmas tree

    Ceramic bowl with a design depicting Christmas Eve. The bowl has a pine forest on the inside of the dish. One of the trees is decorated as a Christmas tree with Christmas presents underneath. Footprints and sleigh tracks from where the presents lay lead to a cloud of snow where Santa and his sleigh is rushing off in the distance to the next delivery. A wonderful little dish for sweets, jewellery, or trinkets. Or simply display it as a unique Christmas decoration within the home. Size: Height 4cm, Diameter 15cm.

    This dish has 100% wool felt on the base to protect your furniture, and has been finished with a resin coating for extra durability.

    Construction – Casting plaster, acrylic paint, and resin coating

    Base 100% wool felt (colours vary)

    This dish (excluding the felt base) can be wiped down with a damp cloth

    Size: Diameter 15cm, Height 4cm

  • Christmas pudding ceramic table decoration on a tableChristmas pudding ceramic table decoration on a table top view

    Christmas pudding art stone table decoration. Complete with brandy sauce and a sprig of holly. Diameter 8cm, height 4.5cm. This stone has been painted with acrylic paint and has a slight glittery surface on the brandy sauce. It has been coated in resin for extra durability, and has a 100% felt base** to protect your furniture. Lovely little decoration for a table, shelf or window sill.

    **The felt base colours are variable.

    I have a small number of these in stock. Otherwise they are made to order. Please contact us if the number you require are not currently in stock. They take 3 days to create before the 1-3 days shipping time.

  • Star shaped tea light holders with nordic design as a table decoration

    Tea light holder with Christmas Nordic style snowflake pattern in a star shape. These tea light holders are hand cast and hand painted with acrylics. Each comes with one tea light. The snowflake patterns may differ slightly between holders. The tea light holder has a 100% wool felt base to protect your furniture. Ideal on a shelf or mantlepiece, Place on a coffee table for some Christmas charm, or use as a collection as they make a lovely table centre decoration. Size: diameter 9cm, height 4cm.

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