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Making the most of a small space with shelving

With Christmas is almost here, and the impending arrival of Frobisher (our British Shorthair cream kitten) in just under two weeks time, we got down to finishing off the last of our planned renovations for this year. We need more space in the galley, and with a blank wall on one side, we decided to make the most of the small space with shelving. So Martin got busy making some shelves. I then got busy filling them…before the Danish oil was even dry!

Space on a boat is premium

On a boat, even the tiniest of spaces can become useful. One of the best ways to make the most of your space is to use shelving. The wall that separates our ‘washroom’ as I call it (we don’t have a shower in there yet) from the galley was prime space for shelving. The magnetic spice rack on the floor was the only thing on it before the shelving was installed, so we felt we could do much more with it.

blank wall ready for shelving
The blank wall ready to have the shelving unit added.

We have a number of items that need storage, so we want shelves of varying height to accommodate them. We have used 10mm x 18cm ash planking that was cut to length to fit the space. We have a small retaining strip of 15mm glued to the front edge of each shelf leaving a gap at each end to aid cleaning. We then applied two coats of wood stain and a coat of Danish oil, and this is the result.

wall with empty shelving unit in place
The shelving unit finished and in place making the most of the wall space.

As mentioned earlier, we soon filled them up! However, you really can make the most of a small space with shelving. Now we have an empty cupboard next to the sink ready for…………..a dishwasher! 


Finished unit with shelves filled
As you can see, you can get a lot of items on these shelves freeing up space in the cupboard


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