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Lighting up our wedding day

After the speeches we gave our guests the opportunity to come and view the boat. This picture was taken with us stood at the bow.

We wanted to involve the boat on our wedding day, and as luck would have it not only was the reception venue The New Inn Hotel, Lechlade just downstream from us, it also had a mooring at the bottom of the garden with electricity which we were free to use on the day. However, the short days, and the flat light of December meant that from late afternoon the boat would not be visible from the reception, so we decided to invest in some lights.

Fairy lights were an option, but on something the size of a barge they look insignificant and lost. Whilst we were in Sneek, Netherlands we had seen a lovely sailing barge dressed from bow to stern with soft white globe shaped bulbs (much like the commercial ones). We ideally wanted LED lights, and found them difficult to find in the soft white here in the UK. But eventually managed to find some at TLC Electrical supplies in their party light department. They are a good buy, as you just buy the string of holders and then choose between coloured bulbs, white bulbs, or soft white bulbs. Martin located the middle of the string of lights and fixed them to the top of the mast using a masthead pulley. Each side was then strung fore and aft. It worked beautifully, and the barge could be seen from the hotel by all. The picture above was taken around 3pm and the light was already fading. Our beautiful carved wooden boat name featured in the picture was made by Martin’s son Dan, who’s business BespOak Interiors┬ámakes the most wonderful tree shaped shelving.

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