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Journey day 3 – Terherne

As we can’t start the journey, we are here in Terherne for the weekend. So today we decided to try and find some petrol for our generator so that we can at least keep our phones and the computer charged up. The nearest petrol station is in Akrum which is 10km away, too far for us to walk or cycle, but one willing member of staff from the marina rode off on his moped to get 5litres of fuel for us. In the meantime, we were able to charge our phones in the marina office.

Whilst we were waiting for our phones to charge up, we met two English people who were here on holiday, they have their own boat that they keep permanently on the marina here in Terherne. They were very knowledgeable about European marine etiquette, having boated around various different European countries for years. They then invited us back to their boat for drinks this afternoon……and of course, we accepted!

Also this afternoon, after testing the main sockets on the boat, none of them seemed to work and we realised that the 220 volt sockets only worked via hook up to the mains. We have managed to get an extension lead so that we can now charge up our electrical items without having to use our generator whilst moored at Terherne.

Other items that needed attention were first the anchor. The winch needed freeing off and Martin managed to do this with some help from a man from the boat called Gortrud that is moored behind us. Secondly, the mast head light which was not working. Martin fixed this by cleaning the contacts. Finally, the water pressure, which was diminishing fast, and is now reduced almost to a dribble! We will have to try and get this sorted on Monday. In the meantime, we are making do with filling a water container.

After having visited our new boating friends late this afternoon, we decided that as we were going to be here for the weekend we would eat out on their recommendation. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get in to the restaurant they suggested, but have booked to eat there tomorrow night. We went and ate elsewhere instead.

Martin with a well earned beer. However, he
denied three times the next day that he’d
had any at all
One cat at the checkout yesterday, and this cat was sat
outside one of the cafe’s as if she was touting for business.
cats work hard here in Friesland!

On reflection, although it has been a little frustrating that we couldn’t push off towards home today, it has at least given us some downtime to plan our route a little more, and to get some of the small glitches ironed out before we leave.

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