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Day 8 Oude Wetering to Ooltgensplaat

We left Oude Wetering at 07.45 and made our way down towards Gouda.  We passed many well manicured gardens, we noticed that many of the Dutch flags were accompanied by a thin orange banner; was this a special day? We were not sure. Perhaps it was some kind of independence day? We hoped not this area’s independence from Friseland, as we were flying a Friesland flag! Later we found out that it was the King’s 50th birthday, and that it was a bank holiday. We passed many greenhouses
and huge areas of plants being grown showed that it was a huge horticultural area. We also saw a rather large ‘Sarah’.   

A barge called Sarah

Soon after this the water became wider and tidal. Ships became larger, one particular craft caught our eye it had no means of propulsion, a huge hull, slit style windows topside, and a giraffe at either end! We can only assume that the locals are expecting a lot of rain. 

..and God told Noah to build an Ark

A little while after this, we decided to stop as we were fighting the tide. The Captain decided that it would be better to sit it out for a while. We had lunch while is peaked. We resumed our journey an hour later and travelled through Hollands Diep to Willemstad. The water was quite choppy in places that sent spray whooshing over the bow and wetting our foredeck. 

We reached the lock at Willemstad, but it was unclear which channel of the lock we had to enter. One of the locks was already open, so we manoeuvred the boat towards it. A voice speaking Dutch boomed over the loud speaker for us to wait as there was a commercial boat coming out first.  We quickly moved out of the way from them to pass us, but they were not very helpful about slowing down and allowing us to get out of the way, which resulted in a ‘coming together’. But nobody died so we carried on regardless!  After exiting the lock, we realised that fatigue was setting in, and we had to stop soon. We managed to find a small town called Ooltgensplaat just the other side of the lock down a narrow channel, so we moored there for the night. 

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