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Day 18 Dunkirk

Yesterday we were all set to go at 08.00 today. However, the weather did not hold out for us to depart. In the night the wind grew stronger, and we lay there as the boat rocked, the halyards whistled, and the movement of the rudder made the wheel clank back and forth.Eventually, I checked the shipping forecast at about 06.00 to find that the wind had increased to force 5 possibly 6 later, and the sea had changed from moderate to moderate to rough. It was enough to keep us in Dunkirk.

After breakfast we had to think seriously about what we were going to do. After careful consideration we thought that we would have to leave the boat here in Dunkirk and return home via train and Ferry to the UK.  Martin then readied the boat for a longer-term mooring, whilst I got on with some university stuff.

We worked in near silence, as we were both feeling rather miserable about the situation. We had really wanted to get to the UK before having to take a break from bringing the boat home. At least once we were in the UK we would be able to moor the boat, get to work and then get back to it either the same day or a couple of days later to carry on the journey to Lechlade, but it seemed at this point that this was not going to happen.  

We spent time looking up trains and ferries, and generally working out how we would get ourselves from Dunkirk to Lechlade. We then decided to go to the office to see what our options would be to organise a suitable longer-term mooring at a reasonable price (as at the moment we are paying €40 per day). However, when we reached the office it was closed.

After lunch we checked the shipping forecast again, it seems that there is the vague possibility to cross early tomorrow morning. We are not holding our breath just yet but Martin undid all his earlier preparations and prepared for the sea again!

Sunset from the boat last night
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