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Day 17 Dunkirk

Another day in Dunkirk, but the weather seems to be calming down a bit. We have checked the shipping forecast this morning, and it would seem that the gales are receding rather than spilling over into the shipping areas of Dover and Thames.

At present we are planning to motor across the English Channel tomorrow. However, we will obviously check in the morning as to whether it is still calm enough to do so. We are very much hoping that it will be, as we are getting to know Dunkirk just a little too well.

This afternoon was spent preparing to leave. Checking the boat such as the engine, mooring lines etc. We went shopping for last minute provisions, and passed what seemed to be a bikers wedding. As well as all of the usual guests outside the registry office, there were a number of large loud shiny motorbikes all revving their engines.

The shipping forecast for today. Far fewer
red bits than yesterday.

We have made last-minute notes about our course and bouys this evening so that all our information is to hand. Fingers crossed that we will be good to go tomorrow morning at 08.00.

Ready with our charts, notes and telephone numbers for the journey.
Our route across the English Channel.
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