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Day 16 Dunkirk

This morning we resigned ourselves to having to stay in Dunkirk for at least another couple of nights. The weather was getting progressively worse, and according to the shipping forecast gales are due to be heading up from the West making it impossible to take our tjalk across the channel.

Also obvious to me was that my work was now beginning to pile up, and I really did need to make a start on shifting some of it. So armed with my laptop and my new Orange internet hub, I made my way over to the Laundry room, for warmth, and an abundance of electrical sockets. After setting up my ‘laundry make shift office’ I began by answering some of my emails.

Martin seems to be developing the cold that I have already had for the last few days. He now sounds a bit like the man from the Carlsberg advert, very sexy! But the last thing we need is for us both to feel under the weather as well as held up by it.  So two more days in Dunkirk seems quite appealing at the moment.

We have also realised that we need to get some flares for our English Channel journey, so a trip to the local chandlers later this afternoon. Flares are one of the things that were prohibited in the luggage that we sent ahead of us before we started the journey. The marina provided a bike for Martin to go to the chandlers, whilst I carried on working. Of course, he came back with more than just flares, he had also bought some fishing tackle. Sadly he had no luck with it today though.

The evening cleared again to reveal sunny blue skies, but the wind was still biting from the North. Several men clad in fluorescent orange clothes ran past our boat, soon after that we saw the lifeboat had been launched, maybe just an exercise. Shortly after that the bar opened on our boat, so we poured ourselves a glass of red wine. Before too long the skies clouded over again. We checked the shipping forecast, the gales had now moved along through Plymouth and Portland to Wight. They were slowly coming our way.

There was nothing we could do but wait around. Here it is wine o’clock on the boat
The shipping forecast showing in red where
the gales are. They are slowly creeping towards
us. On the map we will be crossing in the 
next sea area to the right (Dover)
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