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Day 15 Dunkirk

It was fairly obvious early on (without consulting the shipping forecast) that today was not going to be an ideal day to cross either. It had been raining in the early hours of the morning, and the wind was whistling through the halyards of the boats. We rose fairly early, and paid for another night at the marina (I feared it would probably not be our last payment to them either).

I had decided that as we were delayed I would use the free Wifi to get on with some work. We trekked over to the laundry room with our washing, a cup of coffee each, and the computer, while I plugged phones and laptop in to charge and use the internet to work, Martin put the washing in. However, the free Wifi did not seem to work today. After an hour of frustration trying every which way to get connected, I gave up. The washing done, we went back to the boat to hang it out. We saw five large grey Mullet swimming lazily under the pontoon on our way back. It was then time for another trip into town to find a mobile phone shop to purchase something to connect to the internet.

As we walked back, we saw the man from the yellow boat that had bumped us yesterday going back to his boat. Martin was not going to let this lie and walked over to see if he could catch his attention. After driving round to us in his van it was clear that he did not speak any English. So, in our broken French, we asked him about what had happened yesterday, and why hadn’t he come and at least apologised for his actions? It turned out that he was taking the group of people that we had seen to scatter ashes of a friend at sea and that due to his sorrow, he had not been thinking straight. We indicated that we were sorry for the loss of his friend, and he apologised for bumping our boat. After shaking hands, we went on our way to central Dunkirk.

We stopped at the fish market on the way in and had a hilarious conversation with a French Fishmonger (or should it be fish wife!) who did not speak any English. We managed between the three of us to order 1kg of Sole that she would skin for us, and keep in her fridge until we returned from our trip into town, and boy, were they good when we ate some of them later!

We found an Orange mobile shop after more pigeon English conversation. It would seem that Orange is very popular in Dunkirk, so was probably the best choice whilst we are here.  We passed a very elaborate looking museum, so once I have completed some work in the morning, we might explore it in the afternoon.

The prospect of a crossing tomorrow still seems unlikely, although the skies are clear the strength of the wind is increasing. I think we will be rocked to sleep tonight.

A beautiful sunset, but the wind was 32km per hr this evening.
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